The most effective ways to contact people vary by person. Here are my current ones. They’re not “rules,” just guidelines for getting a faster response.

1. If It’s Not Horribly Urgent:

If it’s work-related: email me at aisacson at wola dot org.

If it’s not related to my role at WOLA, or if you’d rather not have a copy of your message on WOLA’s servers, send me a secure message at my ProtonMail account, adam at

Both accounts go into the same inbox on my email apps. I usually check my email at least twice daily. While I aspire to keep an empty inbox, that’s become rare: I could easily spend three hours per day just attending to all of my emails, and I don’t have three hours per day for that.

2. If You Need a Response as Soon as Humanly Possible:

  • Preferred: Send a Signal message to username “adamisacson.98”; I’m trying to emphasize communication with Signal because it’s super-secure and not run by billionaires in northern California.
  • Send a text or WhatsApp to +1 202 329-4985.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Less Effective Ways To Contact Me

Don’t just call out of the blue. Why?

  • There’s a 90+ percent chance I’m either in a meeting or writing on a deadline. The chance I’m just sitting at my desk having “office hours” is slim. (Sounds really nice, though.)
  • If I don’t recognize your caller ID, I’ll let you go straight to voicemail anyway. I may even have “silence unknown callers” turned on. I get lots of spam calls, and I’ll assume you’re one of them.
  • If you do call out of the blue and fail to leave a voicemail or follow up with a text, I may block your number because I’ve assumed that you’re a spammer.

Don’t expect an instant response to voicemail. I may be in a situation (in a meeting, driving) where I can’t easily check it. And then I may forget about it until I see the notification on my phone. Text or e-mail works better.

Don’t expect an immediate response from Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, Mastodon, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social media message services. I don’t get enough messages through those channels to make them worth checking regularly.